36 individual number cards refer to cosmic principles which are reflected and mirrored by each number. The story of the numbers is literally fascinating. The zero talks about the unlimited, absolute, perfect potential, the 1 talks about specification of the uniform purpose, the 2 talks about the principles of opposing forces, the 3 talks about observing, balance and action, the 4 talks about the necessity of orientation in the given environment...

  • The numbers 0 to 9 mirror the basic archetypes of the universal Cosmic principles.
  • The numbers 10 to 14 mirror the higher Cosmic principles.
  • The series of numbers 0 to 14 tells, through successive Cosmic principles, a fascinating and thrilling story about the Creation of the world, its powers and influence and about the paths of life which the Universe hosts.
  • 144 (144 000) - the most secretly kept Cosmic code of all codes is linked to the boundary between the substantial and insubstantial worlds. It's the Cosmic boundary between the worlds. And it's exactly the number 14 which is the end point of the numerical Cosmic story of Creation. It's the the apex of the conscious cognition of the paths of life.