is a unique pack of 36 self-development number cards including the accompanying booklet the Light of Numbers (186 pages) which introduces and defines an entirely new and fascinating concept of deeper understanding of the meaning of the numbers.

The introduced numerological concept of a 'new age' stems directly from the elementary universal Cosmic principles which is why it's called the COSMIC NUMEROLOGY.


The Light of Numbers cards are multifunctional. Apart from the Cosmic numerology they also contain ancient wisdom of the Celts and the Far East. On the top of that, the cards also creatively work with the most secretly kept Cosmic code of all ages and cultures (code 144 / 144 000). This top secret Cosmic code of all codes is here, thanks to new and amazing discoveries of brilliant researchers, revealed. The cards are directly connected to it and work with it. It's also this connection what makes the Light of Numbers cards entirely extraordinary.

The Light of Numbers number cards are cards of the new generation and 'new age' of higher consciousness. They are unique, because there are no other cards that would even remotely resemble them. The Light of Numbers cards bring new discoveries and new possibilities of unheard significance. They bring understanding of the essential Cosmic principles which, in unity, permeate all levels of the Universe, including symbolism of numbers. Not only do they bring awareness and understanding of these, they also enable their practical usage in the reality of everyday life. The Light of Numbers number cards bring a new view of the world, the Universe and consequently oneself.

By subconsciously choosing a card, you can receive an answer to your question. Each card carries a direct message of the chosen main number.

Each card contains the total numerical value of 144, since in four equilateral triangles there is 3 × 36 + one complementary number to the main number. The sum of the main and complementary number is always 36. Four corners of a card = four equilateral triangles = in total, 4 × 36 = 144. The complementary number can therefore be viewed as complementary information to the main message. The two pieces of information then head in the same direction, towards the gates mirrored by the number 144.

These three inner circles symbolise the 'western' approach to the basic elements of the world. They contain 4 elements, 4 corresponding types of manifestations and forces and also 4 parts of our bodies. The composition of elements and forces in the following three circles mirrors the experience and point of view of the Far East. This allows a unique connection of thousands of years of experience and wisdom of different cultures in the same world. The circles can be viewed as an enlarged system of the elements of being. They are in perfect harmony, despite the fact that the 'western' approach to elements functions with four parts, whereas the 'eastern' functions with fi ve. When choosing your card, before you turn it, it is possible to feel with your fi nger the underside of it and, being led by your feelings and conscious mind, to choose a particular area of the elements. Your subconscious mind then, by using your index fi nger, symbolically chooses an area that requires your attention. You can approach this message in a creative way. You can explore the chosen elements in more detail, or you can try to fulfi l the message of the chosen card more effectively through them.


  • elements: earth, water, air, fire
  • types of their manifestation and impacts: dampness, cold, dryness, heat
  • parts of our bodies: physical, intellectual, spiritual, emotional


  • various factors: elements, seasons of the year, colour, planet, senses
  • internal organs: kidneys, bladder, liver etc.
  • emotions: fear, creativity, vitality, grief etc.


  • physical forces / psychic forces
  • magnetic aura / electrical aura


Kosmická Numerologie je zcela nový a fascinující koncept hlubšího vnímání významu čísel, tak jak jej lidstvo žije na podvědomé úrovni již od nepaměti. Vychází z prazákladních univerzálních Kosmických principů, a proto nese název Kosmická Numerologie. Kolektivní podvědomí lidstva tuto Kosmickou moudrost zná velmi dobře. Velikou silou Kosmické numerologie je její snadná praktická ověřitelnost. Díky všudypřítomným názorným příkladům, má každý z nás kdykoliv možnost si v praxi ověřovat platnost Kosmické numerologie, neboť na podvědomé úrovni se základními Kosmickými archetypy pracuje lidstvo neustále.

Tyto kosmické principy můžeme vědomě využívat ve svůj prospěch, stejně jako to dělali mudrci dávnověku.

Čeká Vás důležitý pohovor? Svůj výkon můžete podpořit propojením se s principy čísla 4. Chcete si dodat více odvahy k vyslyšení volání svého srdce? Můžete se vědomě propojit s číslem 7. Chcete se vědoměji rozhodovat? Můžete se propojovat s číslem 3. Chcete podpořit jedinečnost Vaší individuality a kreativity? Můžete se propojit s pětkou. Chcete se vědomě napojovat na harmonii Univerza? Můžete se propojovat s číslem 8. Záleží Vám v srdci na někom a chcete podpořit duchovní kvality při Vašem setkání? Můžete se vědomě propojit s číslem 9. A tak dále a tak dále. Jakmile uzříte, pochopíte a prožijete vliv všudypřítomných Kosmických principů v praxi, náhle je jasněji uzříte všude kolem sebe. A čísla, to nejsou pouhé kupecké počty. Čísla jsou jedny z nejsilnějších symbolů Univerza a jeho vědomí. Čísla proto pracují na nejhlubší úrovni. Tyto základní symboly ji přímo spoluvytváří.


36 individual number cards refer to cosmic principles which are reflected and mirrored by each number. The story of the numbers is literally fascinating. The zero talks about the unlimited, absolute, perfect potential, the 1 talks about specification of the uniform purpose, the 2 talks about the principles of opposing forces, the 3 talks about observing, balance and action, the 4 talks about the necessity of orientation in the given environment...

  • The numbers 0 to 9 mirror the basic archetypes of the universal Cosmic principles.
  • The numbers 10 to 14 mirror the higher Cosmic principles.
  • The series of numbers 0 to 14 tells, through successive Cosmic principles, a fascinating and thrilling story about the Creation of the world, its powers and influence and about the paths of life which the Universe hosts.
  • 144 (144 000) - the most secretly kept Cosmic code of all codes is linked to the boundary between the substantial and insubstantial worlds. It's the Cosmic boundary between the worlds. And it's exactly the number 14 which is the end point of the numerical Cosmic story of Creation. It's the the apex of the conscious cognition of the paths of life.

LET'S TRUST OUR WISE SUBCONSCIOUSNESS - It all makes absolute sense. We perceive the basic Cosmic archetypes very well on the subconscious level. And it's our subconsciousness that knows us best. And it's exactly our subconsciousness that determines which card we pick 'by chance' from the pack. When we consider all of this, we realise that when asking a question we can fully depend on such 'a chance' when choosing one of the 36 cards. Because subconsciousness knows very well what it's doing. Let's make use of it. I think it would be a shame to let slip away this boundless wisdom of the Cosmos and our subconsciousness. Let us be advised by our own, wise subconsciousness.


INTRODUCTION - The fi rst part of the booklet contains the introduction to the real essence of the symbols and therefore also of the numbers. Those who can approach the symbols and numbers in a creative way, can then understand the universal language of the Universe and consequently gain higher creative abilities.

THE NUMERICAL COSMIC STORY OF CREATION This part contains the very essence of this pack of cards. Without exploring the Numerical Cosmic Story of Creation fi rst, your work would be just a poor imitation of the possible. This contains boundless potential. Both fi guratively and literally. If you manage to soak up the principles of the Numerical Cosmic Story of Creation, then you'll do nothing but create and it's quite possible that you won't need the third part of the booklet, which contains texts and affi rmations for each particular card.

THE NUMERICAL CODE 144 (144 000) - The most secret and powerful number of the enlightened. Revolutionary revelation of its essence and power.


  • Cards 1 to 14 create the Numerical Cosmic Story of Creation and therefore each one of them speaks of its own role in this Cosmic Story. The Principles of how the cards work can be found here. These are basically archetypes of each number to which we, both consciously and subconsciously, keep returning and which we constantly experience and use. You can also fi nd summarised affi rmations here.
  • Cards 15 to 36 do not primarily contain the Numerical Cosmic Story of Creation, but their importance dwells in the recently mentioned archetypes and paths, which lead to the total numerological result. Not all numbers '6' are the same. For example, with the numbers 15, 24 and 33, the resulting numerical value is still the number 6. But each of the essential ways leading to this number is different. And it is the realisation of the paths, principles and forces, mirrored by the cards, that is happening here. That is why the description of each card from 15 to 36 contains not only the Resulting Cosmic archetype, but also the Paths leading to its fulfi lment.
  • Cards 10 to 36 (all two-digit numbers) contain one of the possible specifi c meanings of the particular number. They also contain affi rmations and some cards include harmonizing numbers, i.e. numbers that harmoniously resonate with the main number.