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New horizons have always attracted people's attention and always will. Such is the nature of the human soul, people will never stop discovering and creating.

The project '4 horizons' aims to describe and broaden interesting and often unprecedented ways and methods of the holistic self-development. This holistic approach offers the highest potential for achieving harmonious growth of every one of us, in other words, our joy of life. The paths we reveal are often innovative and sometimes even shocking, but we place a great emphasis on their practicability and use in the reality of an everyday life.

And why are there exactly 4 horizons? If people want to well orientate themselves in space, they, on the subconscious level, automatically divide the space into 4 main parts (north, south, west and east). If, for example, people want to orientate well in time, they, automatically and subconsciously, divide the time periods into 4 parts (spring, summer, autumn, winter, or 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes, or 4 lunar phases). If an ancient ruler wanted to announce to the world his sovereign reign over the given area, the symbols of his power were always oriented into 4 directions. The rulers thus demonstrated that their power reached in all 4 cardinal directions. Such powerful rulers no longer exist. Their role was taken over by today's law enforcement departments. The NATO logo, for example, is composed of a 4-pointed star.

The number 4 is a particular symbol. And symbols as such are not just mere symbols. They represent particular Cosmic gates. Individual numbers mirror and connect to specific Cosmic principles. As we can see, for example with the number 4, our subconscious minds know these Cosmic principles very well.

Here you will find what values and principles are mirrored by and linked to through particular numbers. This knowledge of conscious connection to the principles mirrored by the numbers is one of the many fascinating and unconventional methods that can be used in our everyday, mundane lives to consciously 'do magic'.